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M2A1 vs. M2A2 Ammo Cans . By Bruce Campbell September 23, 2021 No Comments 1 Min Read. A side by side look at M2A1 vs M2A2 ammo cans including some torture testing to see just how much weight each can hold. Source link. Redneck Convent 50 Cal Metal Ammo Case Cans - 4 Pack (11) $182.99 New ---- Used Redneck Convent Tan Waterproof Ammo Box - Large (87) $24.99 New ---- Used U.s. Military Surplus Pa156 81mm Mortar Ammo Can (5) $45.95 New $31.95 Used Redneck Convent .30 Cal Metal Ammo Case Can - Green (16) $36.63 New $24.99 Used.

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